Wood Impregnation Plant

During the latter part of the 1930s, a method was developed at Boliden AB to impregnate wood under high pressure. In 1942, Robertsfors AB contacted Boliden and asked for calculations on construction and manufacturing costs for an impregnation plant according to this method. Boliden provided an operating cost estimate for a 14 meter plant with an annual output of 3000 m³. According to their calculations, the plant would cost SEK 30300. The construction of the plant ended quickly and in early January 1943 a contract was signed with Boliden.

Robertsfors wanted the plant to be completed on June 1, 1943. Difficulties with materials during the war caused the plant to be delayed and the cost estimate was considerably exceeded.

The poles tooks during the winter and initially the barking was done by hand with special bark knives. In 1959 an older barking machine was purchased from Holmsund, and the demanding work with hand barking was more easy.

The buyers of power line poles had very high demands on quality, dimension, etc, which is why they chose forest with care. They also impregnated telephone poles on which you did not have the same strict regulations. Working at the plant was a seasonal job. They barked in the spring and winter and impregnated in the fall.

By 1944, the work had started. Until 1959, Einar Westin was supervisor and then Arne Eriksson until the plant ceased in 1979.