The Kempeska period 1898 – 1968

On February 16, 1899, Aktiebolaget Robertsfors was constituted and the same year on May 8, it was registered. The name change to Robertsfors AB (RAB) was registered on September 6, 1947.

When RAB became AB in 1899, the company was owned by Seth M Kempe and his brother Bernhard Kempe who immediately after the formation of the company transferred shares to the family companies Sandö (Sandö sawmills AB) and Dal (Dala Ångsågs AB).

The share capital initially amounted to SEK 1 million and was divided into 200 shares, of which wholesalers Seth M Kempe owned 100, consultant Bernhard Kempe and Frans Kempe had 97st, Professor Mauritz Salin and district governor T Strömman each had one share. Smaller posts were still retained by the Kempe brothers, but also by the Supreme Court counsel Thor Strömmer, who was a brother-in-law to the brothers.

Seth M Kempe’s dominant ownership role arose in connection with the sale of Sandö and Dal in the years 1907-1915 and in 1909 when he and Frans Kempe ceased their financial cooperation.

When equity fund AB Robertsfors stakeholders were discontinued in 1926 took over Seth M Kempe also fund shares in RAB.
Seth M Kempe

 From the company’s founding until 1928, Seth M Kempe had been CEO who then handed over the leadership to his oldest son, Dr. Erik Kempe. When Erik became head of Mo and Domsjö in 1948, it was brother Ragnar Kempe who took over the leadership of RAB. He retained management until the company was sold to Mo Domsjö in 1968.
None of the Kemparna have lived in Robertsfors. Seth M. Kempe lived in Stockholm during the winters and at Hemsö in the summers. To help run the company, he had a salesman, an accountant, a correspondent and a legal adviser.