Saw mill and planing mill

At the beginning of the 18th century there was a sawmill in Tryssjöbäcken (Mårsgårdsbäcken) owned by the villages 5 farmers in Edfastmark. In 1786 the saw was moved to Bruksforsen. It still had privilege as a house saw. The mill owners had great interest in increased production and the result was a new saw in Kvarnforsen (now Fredriksfors). The saw was commissioned in 1798 and had two double frames. The final location of the saw was Mårsforsen in 1934. It had 4 saw frames and edging.

Sågverket år 1920
Sawmill year 1920

In 1898-99 a split saw section was added to the side and in 1902 a planer was added. A few years later, a large export plane was installed. The saw was the last large water saw in the county when it was shut down in 1936.

Hyvleri år 1920
Planing mill year 1920

About 90 workers in Robertsfors and about the same number at the loading site in Sikeå were affected by the closure. But since the company retired workers, moved workers to Alfredshem and Norrbyskär and a certain relocation in Robertsfors, none of the ordinary workforce was without work, but many seasonal workers were left without work.