The Museum Is Currently CLOSED


The Robertsfors Bruksmuseum is dedicated to the Robertsfors Industrial Estates History.

 The Estate was Founded in 1758 by John Jennings and his business partner Robert Finlay in the village of Edfastmark. The village was renamed Robertsfors.

The village grew over time into a company town where most amenities where provided for by the Robertsfors Industrial Estate.  The Estate at one point owned one of Sweden’s largest agricultural areas, needed to feed all of the estate workers, which where mostly paid with food.

The Museum contains historical information and artefacts from the founding ironworks all the way to the more recent diamond manufacturing. Cast iron products is to this day produced on the grounds of the old Estate.

The Bruksmuseum also has a historical railway that has 3 operational locomotives and 3 stationary ones, tickets for train rides are sold in the summertime.

The museum is free to enter.