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The Robertsfors Bruksmuseum is dedicated to the Robertsfors Industrial Estates History.


Edfastmark, the current Robertsfors, has evolved from a smaller mill to a high-tech center.
There have been many owners of Robertsfors mill, some have only been there short time and others a little longer. But they have all had ideas they tried to implement with more or less success.
The period leading up to the Kempe’s period has been characterized by largely the same ideas as the founders Jennings and Finlay.
During this time mill got a church, the school system was gardualy developed, a railway was built between Robertsfors and Sikeå to take a care of the transport of timber. In other words it was successful development between the years 1755 – 1898 in Robertsfors.
Under Kempe’s leadership, the property was transformed into a more modern company with processing of various kinds in mechanical workshop, foundry, sulphite factory etc. Agriculture also developed.
In 1948 when sulphite factory was closed down, ASEA moved into its buildings and started manufacturing insulation materials.
Most of the buildings for the mill are still there, The houses are still inhabited and the foundry is working and is up to date.
Other industries in Robertsfors include:

        Scandiamant – diamond making

       Cerama – a high pressure laboratory

      Microverktyg – tools manufacturing

     ABB(ASEA) – detail manufacturing

     Aluman/Profal – aluminium profiles

 The Bruksmuseum also has a historical railway that has 3 operational locomotives and 3 stationary ones, tickets for train rides are sold in the summertime.

The Bruksmuseet is open on the following date 2020.
6/6 – 30/8: Open every day 10:00 – 16:00.
The locomotive runs: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Four departures per day. 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00.


Free admission
Guided tour about 40 minutes for groups over 10 people: 700 SEK
Guided tour about 40 minutes for groups under 10 people: SEK 400