During this period, the growing working population had benefited greatly from the intensive labor that has been spent on agriculture ever since the founding of Robertsfors. Agriculture had been consistently organized for the purpose and needs of the industry, at the same time as many measures had been taken to increase the yield of the land.

Harvning av rovåker
Harvesting the turnip field

In early 1898, the agronomist Axel Bosin began the construction of old-fashioned agriculture. In the first years of this period there were 135 cows and 45 young cattle. Attempts were also made at pig breeding, but as it did not become profitable, it was discontinued in 1905.

Kor på bete 1943
Cows on pasture 1943
The first dairy was started in 1863 but in 1911 it was closed because it did not go well. There was also a dairy school for Norrland between the years 1880-96.
Robertsfors leased out 1 1/4 hectare to workers. In 1910, no less than 270 hectare were leased to 210 workers. 140 hectare of land was left and 27 cows from Småland.
In connection with the merger of RAB as a wholly owned subsidiary in Mo and Domsjö, operations in agriculture ceased in 1968.